2002 //…to tell you something…

with Lala Raščić, 2002.

A conversation between us is recorded and the audio recording edited. The words and generalized meanings are edited out leaving an audio track consisting only of the sound patterns which tell of a private speech and which signify the meanings recognizable to us, in our private, closed, intimate context.

Three audio tracks will are edited out of this single conversation recording. One track is with Ana Human’s voice, the second track is Lala Rascic’s voice and the third is composed of both voices. The edited sound creates a specific sound scape emerging from three pairs of speakers installed in the space. A listening area is designated by a cozy seating area. Inside the cubes (custom made for sitting) are projections of slides which show other people gardens. The intimate nature of the work is mirrored in the atmosphere of the installation. The notion of dropping-in, experiencing someone’s world, a bit in a voyeuristic way, and at the same time being comfortable, felling invited and spoken to is the overall impression that the installation imposes.