2004 // C8H11N

interactive audio-video installationon 8 monitors, computer, switcher, 8 animated video files, 8 audio conversations, duration each file btw 20 sec.up to 7 min, 2004.

technical realisation: Ivan Marušić-Klif

The audio recordings are conversations with 8 other speakers on the theme: love. The recordings contain their experiences and thoughts. All of the speakers also answred the question: How would love look like if it was material? What colour, what shape….? Every recording is accompanied with an animated film sequence which does not illustrate the speakers answers but tries to correspond with the speakers sensibility and character in a more subtle and complex way. In a six month period I interviewed about twenty people from all age groups. My aim was to make a collection of different opinions, experiences and thoughts. On the basis of the audio recordings I made short animated sequences, which interpret different visions of love. That is how I got an archive that can, in the form of an interactive installation represent and show the viewer 8 different and characteristic viewpoints and stories on love.

When the installation is not activated the same animation is running on all monitors. Pressing on one of the switcher’s spectator is sending a signal to the computer that then activates one of audio/video channels. Videos are shorter then audio files but when video stops audio stops as well. With the next activation video play from beginning and audio from the point on which has stopped. In that way the visitors are able to create their own path thru the abundance of audio-visual material which is constantly “available”.