Akademie Schloss Solitude, 09. Nov – 17. Dec 2017, Rehearsals for a Film

171030_Ausstellung_webAna Hušman’s film uniquely registers variations, frictions and narrative potentials of an urban living space-apartment which testifies about tensions, relationships and reconfigurations of its multiple lives and living conditions in a wider, social context.
Re-assembling theoretical references, various literary sources and personal observations, Ana Hušman portrays one of our living environments, and plays with different levels of realities (from the maquette recomposition towards the real-life frames of her living room). The key protagonists, artist’s collaborators as well as the artist herself, could be living there now, could have lived there at a certain point, or may just start to inhabit the specific space. In that specific procedure, a film collaborator becomes a film subject, never just a mere actor, the living room becomes a model for an ongoing exercise in multiple retelling styles, and the overall film structure deploys itself in an extended film-exhibition installation. Skillfully inhabiting us with her poetic universe, the artist, nevertheless, offers us enough self-critical tools to keep us at a safe distance of the mere »magic of the cinema«. And, while we move safely within and out of the artist’s working notes, collective recordings, text and sounds, all those separate elements help us to re-establish the well deserved balance between poetry, collective reflexion processes and spatial components that shape us.

Text by Ivana Meštrov

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