Ana Hušman i Marko Tadić 15. – 28. May, Gallery SC, Zagreb

To ask oneself questions about the contents of a picture postcard would mean perhaps to head off in search what it means that something is a celebrated feature. And about its origin. And its reproduction. In words, in images, thoughts, gestures, in bodies. Its multiplication and, not only in grammatical terms, its plurals. The difference I and we; thou and you. About belonging and not belonging.The video fragments of Ana Hušman and the film of Marko Tadić – reflections of processes of cognition and about constructions of meaning, of origins and disappearances – come together in the idea of the
postcard. In Tadić’s film fabulation the postcard is, literally, a mise-en-scène; in the fragments of Ana Hušman the setting, the performance for a film and a video camera becomes a mise-en-scène where a metonymic but paradoxically broken chain generates motifs from well known postcards. Without a trace of ekphrasis. (Leonida Kovač)

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