The Market@Peter Macapia BORROWORROB: In Search of Symmetry, March 05 – 27, 2014. HDLU, Zagreb

Exhibiting: Peter Macapia, Vito Acconci, Paolo Cirio, Einat Amir, Tonči Antunović, Ivan Argote, Fayçal Baghriche, Mladen Stilinović, Ana Hušman, Luciana Lamothe, Peter Rostovsky, Mary Jeys
Projections: Ante Babaja, Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton

Borroworrob: In many ways every artistic work is posed in relation to another force. This activity is already spatial. A question borrows space from the space that it questions, but this also robs the space it questions of its own space, sometimes a lot, sometimes just a little – doubling it, turning it inside out – returning symmetry to asymmetry. For this exhibition, Macapia brings together various questions concerning space, including economics, engaged urban research, and history.

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