2001 // Before and After

web project with Lala Rascic 2001.


This is how it all started; with a invasion of unnescessary inventory. At the end of 2000 we exchanged one two-month scholarship at the Academy of Art in Brno for two one-month scholarships. Life flowed in its usual unbalanced way. We finally managed to start a communication with our hungarian roomate, Krista who spoke only german, when one morning came the Peruan. That foggy morn we stepped out of the student dorm and left the Peruan in her pink cloud with her uncommon commodities. What we discovered upon our return to the dormitory late that night was that our lives would never be the same. Peruan spent the entire day in implanting her diverse belongings over the shared space of the bathroom, WC and kitchen. Garfield was everywhere, she even brought a microwave, cups and matching kitchen cloths, set of empty packaging of bath salts, shampoos and long gone perfumes (lined up neatly on along the rim of the bathtub) and you could hardly recognise the WC…. That event had to be documented. A year passed and left a trail of unsorted evidence. We imposed on ourselves the task of liking these notes of banality into the first project that we sign together; Before&After. We even gave these banalities such importance that we decided to present them to the wide, colorful and omnipresent audience. we set out to work, and just before everything would be completed, came the revelation: maybe this shouldn’t be shown at all.