2008 // Lunch

video kolor PAL, 4:3, 16mm transferred to BETA, 16’40’’ 2008.

The rules of correct behaviour found in books of etiquette present themselves as aiding communiction and helping people understand each other. They also claim to help us engage socially with greater ease and self confidence. These rules are learnt from birth which is the only way for us to completely internalise them. Their model is found in western civilisations, and compliance with them makes it easy to discern who is civilised and who is not. the film deals with customs of eating and drinking – specifically with the lunch situation, as communal eating is the central site of showing others our breading and finesse.

film by: ana hušman
dop: ivan slipčević
camera assistant: marko rukavina
editor: iva kraljević
executive producer: maja jurić
styling: maja krišković i snježana topalušić
stage manager: dragutin hušman
animation: ana hušman, dina rončević, lala raščić, marko rukavina, maja krišković, nicole hewitt
music: Tad bi me primio za ruku, (instrumental) zvukbroda, 2008.
sound recording: ana hušman
sound mastering: tomislav domes
speech coach: anita tripalo
tekst čitali: tomislav domes, ana hušman, marko rukavina, ivan slipčević, emina višnjić
featuring:bosnić maja, borovčak nenad, brborović ognjen, bronić marijana, domes tomislav, gržin danijel, hewitt nicole, hewitt-pavlica billie, hušman ana, hušman dragutin, hušman jelena, kovačević lina, kramarić eugen, modrinić srđana, pavlica igor, raščić lala, rukavina marko, rukavina tanja, šolić dante, šubić ivana, višnić emina, werft edi, kuja yoko, mačak đuro, pas lucky bob
design: srđana modrinić
translation: nicole hewitt, janja sesar
shot in studio bunika production
thanks to: “Šlic” vintage second hand shop, svima koju su sudjelovali
special thanks toa: marko rukavina
production: studio pangolin 2008.
www.pangolin.hr, pangolin@pangolin.hr

This film is licensed under the Creative Common attribution – share alike 3.0 Hrvatska
the film is supported by: City of Zagreb, Ministry of Culture of Republic of Croatia