2010 // lesson nr. 4 and 5

M-10-ANA HUSMAN : extract of her video created for the FemLink’s topic “Male” from FemLink on Vimeo.

extract of my video created for the FemLink’s topic “Male”

This video is part of research of football and sport games. Lesson number 4 and 5 is focused on movement, motion and inertia in relation to the technology of the camera that captures movement.
In sound we can hear instructions from the football training manual which, in a very exact way, explains the behaviour, body movements and intention of the player in relation to the ball and a playing surface.
Keywords in this process are efficiency, precision, technique, automation, the excellence of the player and the methods by which the body is adjusted to provide the excellence in the game.
I was wondering how much that approach towards the body leaves the space for the game and how the analysis of such instructions may again become the subject for a play.


For more informations about this video: femlink.org/man.html
For informations about FemLink: femlink.org
FemLink = 133 women video-artists from 64 countries, work around common topics to create “Video-Collages”.
The concept of these “video-Collages” is to build a link across the borders between the artists. The collages are considered themselves as artistic video works made up with singular videos.
Veronique Sapin and C. M. Judge are the curators : femlink.org