2017 // A Tale

with Ivan Marušić Klif
collaborators: Jasna Jasna Žmak, Tomislav Domes, Willem Miličević
duration: 11 min

A multi-channel audiovisual installation in the park at the Mažuranić Square. Several screens of different di­mensions placed amongst the green treetops make the scenery of this event. The work is based on the folk tale Jaje Harambaša, thematizing a courageous egg that abandons its village in order not to get eaten, and meets animals along the way that join it in a pursuit for a better place for living. Using basic motifs of a fable, through the animal characters the installation brings up the topics relevant for living in the city, the attitude toward the pu­blic space, architecture, and everyday life in the city.


installation view Mažuranić square: