2005 // Gift for a gift

PEER ECONOMIES, Galerija Nova, Zagreb, 2005.

Urgently exchanging gifts I don’t need for gifts you don’t need. On offer trinkets: Chinese balls, leather bracelet, wall ornaments, t-shirts etc., all good as new, some never used, well kept, quality materials. Only serious offers. Objects suitable for all sexes, ages. Particularly suitable for upcoming Christmas and New Year’s! Exchange only between 12th of December 2005 and 7th of January 2006. Required: written explanation why you don’t want particular gift. I accept everything except animals (pet fish o.k!).

A great number of gifts we receive are not objects we would chose, let alone buy ourselves. Yet they are given to us as gifts. Personally I have had a problem with this all my life. Whenever I receive something I don’t like, I don’t have the courage to say so. Usually I smile, give a nod and say I really like it. I also can not just throw them away and so I keep them for years. I assume there’s a lot of people dealing with a same problem. This is why I thought it would be easier to make an exchange, so that someone who really wants them gets them.